La Galerie
A Parisian place
31, rue de seine
On 2019, Sophie opened her space which was André Breton's gallery. A flagship where she explores sceneries to highlight the one-a-kind pieces and the Collection lines.

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près, in the art district, the wide range of her collections can be discovered in this unique atmosphere.

This spring, the works of Rieko Koga is displayed in perfect harmony with the jewelry creations of Sophie Pfeffer.
a place with a soul
The Gallery presents all our Gold and Vermeil collections, Limited Editions and Unique pieces.

An intimate place that will take you elsewhere: the walls, painted with lime in soft and enveloping shades of beige and gray, bathed in light, where you are welcomed as in a private apartment.
extended to may 30th
Rieko Koga is a Japanese visual artist who has been living in Paris since 2004.
After finishing her studies in fashion in Tokyo and then in Paris, she turned to the Arts. She expresses her universe with threads and needles. Embroidering by thread of her inspiration, Rieko improvises, creating works directly on the cloth, without preparation, allowing herself be freely guided by the movement of her hands.

For Rieko, the act of sewing is a prayer, and she believes in the magical powers of her stitches. Her works are imbued with wishes buried inside the seams, wishes for everyone.